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Still don’t know what Point2Agent is?  The documents and websites below can show you what Point2Agent is and how it can you and your Real Estate business.



·  Point2 Agent Handshake

·  SYNDICATION with Point2 Agent

·  Syndication Frequently asked questions

·  Point2 Alliance Directory to help you build your website and More!




Dashboard Syndication allows Point2 to access your listings within the El Paso MLS system and send them to all of their Syndication Partners.  This is a free service provided by Point2 for our membership through GEPAR.  If you already have a Point2 website, you can use the Dashboard Syndication to automatically take your listing from the El Paso MLS and upload it directly to your website. (YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR A POINT2 ACCOUNT TO RECEIVE THE SYNDICATION DASHBOARD)


·  Syndication Dashboard Guide
Agent Broker Syndication Dashboard getting started guide!

·  Syndication Dashboard Instructions (Pictures)
Instructions for Point2 members only! How to setup your syndication dashboard to your website your MLS listings go straight to your website.

·  Syndication Dashboard Instructions (No Pictures)
Have a Point2 account and don’t know where to begin?  The documents and website below can give you a head start on what it is and how to do it.





·  Point2 Agent User Manual

·  Point2Agent Education Blog


Rather have a live session to teach you about Point2?  The link below is a schedule for all of Point2’s webinars.  Webinars are when you see what’s going on the presenters screen on your own computer screen.  You can hear them speak through your computer speakers or over the phone VIA a 1-800 number.  They cover everything from getting started to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), even on how to stage a house.  New classes are added all the time so check back often!


·  Schedule for LIVE Point2 Training Sessions

·  Online Training Videos

These videos show how to do absolutely every function within the Point2 system.  The videos show step by step instructions, visually as well as explaining each step as she goes.

·  Coaching Archives

These are soundbites taken from experts in their field.  Subjects vary from "Attracting Buyers Through Blogging” to “Negotiating Tips for a buyers market”


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